Please download and install Orc Island.
  • PC only
  • 2 Gb ram
  • Download is 400 mb

Quick Hints


game controls

Basic keyboard Instructions

  • ESC key= open game menu, reset map/exit game etc.
  • 1 to 9= open control panel, inventorty/change materials etc.
  • 0 key= open weapons panel, change and select your weapons.
  • Walk controls: W=forward S=back A=left D=right arrows=same.
  • Fly and jump: T key= fly and the Spacebar key= jump.

step 1:

Basic Game Instructions

First thing to do

Crops are important in the game. When you start, look for crops and harvest the seeds before the crows and chickens eat them all. You will need the seeds to grow your own crops.

step 2:

Basic Game Instructions

You will need a fire

Once you harvest crops you will need to cook them before you can eat them. Go out and find Flint, if you can’t find Flint you can make it by selecting ‘Make’ then ‘Minerals” you will need gold to make a mineral.

step 3:

Basic Game Instructions

how to make food

Once you harvest crops and have built a fire. Select from ‘Inventory” then ‘harvested’ the crops you have collected. Right click on the fire and you will make food. This will increase your hearts and keep you alive for another day.